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Earth refers to any material that has come from the ground.  It can be a variety of materials in a custom outdoor setting including, soil mounding, plants, stone, wooden structures, boulders etc.  Earthen material makes up a large part of the landscape.  



Fire brings people together for warmth, food, and interaction. There are many things in a space that represent fire.  One of the more obvious features would be a fire pit.  Others are fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. 

See example photos

See example photos



Water can be represented in the landscape in many ways.  Something as simple as a dished-out boulder for a bird bath, and others more complex, like a pond-less meandering creek or rushing water with multiple falls.  We try to be mindful of water's function in the landscape. 

Our process

1. Design

Our process is designed to encourage high value choices in the landscape. We strive to create a home improvement experience that is productive and enjoyable. We seek to find the ideal balance between the functional and aesthetic needs of your landscape.

We start with a free, on site consultation to discuss the needs of your project.  Our designer, Jason from Shade Design Studio, will listen to your input and organize a design proposal. The proposal outlines the functional design goals, sets design fees, and establishes a timeline. Overall project budget is also considered early in the process to ensure the design is complimentary to construction costs.

No matter the scale or detail of your project, the design is a crucial tool in translating your lifestyle into a functional and beautiful space. 

2. Build

Once the design is completed a line itemed proposal is presented with a description of each item see in the design (example of items would be "Fire Pit"/ "Boulders"/ "Water Feature" etc.).  This allows the client to see individual costs associated with each items they wish to see in their outdoor space.  In addition, this allows them to consider potential phasing or value engineering certain items if they so choose to.  Once a budget is put together through the proposal process a contract is written, signed and the work is scheduled.

From the moment the work begins, we are guests at your home.  We pride ourselves on completing quality work in a timely fashion.  Our goal is for the client as well as ourselves is to enjoy the process of building a beautiful space. 

3. Relax

Take pleasure in the low maintenance sustainable space we have created for you to enjoy for years to come!